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As the whole world of blockchain were changing fast. We decided to focus on logistics, and now PAX+ is blockchain IoT ecosystem for international supply chains. Not for nothing that we are developing our IoT device, that in pair with our blockchain info-system will save billions for leading shipping companies! Maersk, were comming)) Just help with soft cap in ICO))

We plan to save not only money, but the time! Especially on the market estimated 8,6 trln. $ / year, where every hour of business costs 1 billion $. For year 2018 we plan to gain 1 hour for the market

P.S. WhitePaper comming soon — being edited

PAX+ pre-ICO
Glad to present you our project — PAX+, aimed to introduce blockchain-IoT technology to everydaylife.
Focused in 2 areas: mHealth and international supply-chains
We`re building eco-system where everyone benefits:

  • customers,
  • businessmen,
  • governments.
White Paper upcomming next post.

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